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E. agata@thelinguist.co.uk
M. 07713 160 252


I translate all types of documents within specified specialist subjects. I also provide certified translations of Polish documents required by British authorities and organisations, including birth certificates, graduation certificates, tax declarations, bank statements for visa applications, conveyancing process, student funding applications, etc. If you have any other subject documents, I will be happy to review them and consider my suitability for the translation.


I'd be happy to assist in your conversations with Polish speakers. Whether remotely or face-to-face, I'll make sure your meetings run smoothly. I can interpret consecutively or simultaneously and sigh-translate any documents you need your conversation partner to read and sign. I am an experienced court interpreter and frequently help corporate clients and HR managers in their business meetings.


In the translation context, editing and reviewing play a vital role in ensuring that the text does not contain substantive and linguistic errors and reads well – in other words, polished to perfection and ready for its intended use. I add value to my proofreading/reviewing/editing services by going the extra mile to ensure consistency, clarity and accuracy. The ultimate goal is getting it right and providing the end client has a flawless and straightforward rendition of their documents.


Whether you are a criminal lawyer or civil law specialist I have the experience and language expertise to assist you. I can interpret on legal-medical assessment for personal injury claim, interpret on legal consultations in person or via telephone, assist on pre-trial preparation with clients who are in prison or in a secure mental health clinic. I can interpret for you in any setting including your chambers, office or court. Translation would include committal papers, client correspondence, expert reports, etc.


You may be employing Polish staff and some of them speak English. However, there are situations where you may need to have a confidential and difficult conversation with a Polish member of staff. I have the experience of assisting HR specialists and business owners in disciplinary meetings and redundancy procedures.


Whether you are thinking of opening a branch in Poland, want to attend a trade fair or need language assistance at a business meeting I can accompany you and provide an interpreting service or do the research for you. I can also make initial contact with a Polish customer/supplier on your behalf and translate business correspondence, websites, marketing materials, contracts, manuals, etc.